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Heather asks:
I'm new at this and I am a lesbian. My friend and I occasionally have sex together because we are the only ones that like to use things or to wrestle or hurt each other in a way of pleasure. I wanted to know what you recommend buying because I love bondage and she loves strapping people down. What do I do?
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Darin...go figure. asks:
My question is about inserting something into the penis. I realize that it can't be just anything. I'm wondering because I would like to experiment in masturbation and think that it would increase the sensation if I inserted something in the tip. I know it must be possible because doctors' have an instrument that everyone (should) know about. that long white plastic needle that sits in the office on the desk that they use for when males contract a disease that requires the needle to be inserted to clear the path of the tube so it's easier to urinate, when and if infected. I guess what I want to know is if there are any complications that might arise from doing this. I appreciate your time and await a response, feel free to use this message if the oppurtunity comes up. No pun intended.
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Janet Burns asks:
What sizes and what colors does this come in? What is special delivery time? Is this battery operated or what? Thanks, Jan
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Kat asks:
I just bought my fiance a pump for his birthday and neither of us know exactly how to use it. Now, I know he has to have lubrication and his penis goes inside it and you use the handle to create suction. But, he says it doesn't work and that it only pulls his penis out of the tube, even with the "rubber donut." Everytime I've tried to help, he only says I'm hurting him. I've asked around, but people just laugh at me and tell me his penis goes inside and you "pump," well, I'm not an idiot, I know that. But why is it not working for him, whenever we're doing everything right? Thanks. Kat
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John asks:
When we shave my wifes pubic area,she get real irritated.What can we do to prevent this
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Jonathan asks:
If I were to order a sex toy, on a Tuesday, on what day would I get it afterwards? (by paying with a Money Order)
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clint asks:
my wife has a difficult time having an orgasm..she can only have one if she is rubbing her clit while i am inside of her..what can i do to help her have one without touching herself?
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Winlin asks:
Will you ship orders to Singapore?
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Steve asks:
I just ordered one of your products and I'm a little nervous to ask because I never ordered anything like this before. I ordered the Cinnamon Cyberskin Sex Buddy and I'm wondering how to clean it after use. Is it alright to use soap and water? Also, how long does it take for a product to arrive after its been ordered? Thank you very much!
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S.J. JOHNSON asks:
Hello I want to know if there's a product for men like myself that helps straighten the penis without surgery. I have a small curveature and I want to fix the problem. I would be grateful if you can help . Thanks
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John Asks,
When we shave my wifes... 
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Jonathan Asks,
If I were to order... 
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clint Asks,
my wife has a difficult... 
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Winlin Asks,
Will you ship orders to... 
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Steve Asks,
I just ordered one of... 
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