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Kat asks Ashley about Pumps

I just bought my fiance a pump for his birthday and neither of us know exactly how to use it. Now, I know he has to have lubrication and his penis goes inside it and you use the handle to create suction. But, he says it doesn't work and that it only pulls his penis out of the tube, even with the "rubber donut." Everytime I've tried to help, he only says I'm hurting him. I've asked around, but people just laugh at me and tell me his penis goes inside and you "pump," well, I'm not an idiot, I know that. But why is it not working for him, whenever we're doing everything right? Thanks. Kat

Ashley's Response:
Thanks for writing. :-) I'm not sure what you mean by the pump "pulling his penis" out of the tube. If the donut is correctly in place, he should be able to create enough suction to pulse or pull his penis toward the end of the tube. It shouldn't fall out and it shouldn't hurt. Also remember that pumping is an exercise and not exactly a sexual encounter. Perhaps he can try shaving the entire area but other than that, you're doing it correctly and it should work. I hope I've helped. Feel free to write again.

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