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clint asks Ashley about orgasims

my wife has a difficult time having an orgasm..she can only have one if she is rubbing her clit while i am inside of her..what can i do to help her have one without touching herself?

Ashley's Response:
You can try rubbing her clit for her!!!! Lay her face down on the bed and enter her from behind. Reach around with your hand and rub away! Happens to be one of my most favorite positions!!! Another one you can try is to lay her down on her back and enter her in the normal missionary position. Then have her bring her legs down and straight so your straddling her. As you thrust, the base of your penis will stimulate her clitoris. You can also rub with your thumb if that motion isn't enough. For her to orgasm without any clitoral stimulation may not be possible. I suggest you read up on a woman's g-spot. By findng the g-spot and massaging over time, she just may be able to achieve that clitoris free orgasm! Good Luck to you!

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