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Vibrators The Most Popular Sex Toy! 
By Lisa Lawless of


What To Watch Out For-
There are a lot of vibrators that are made as a novelty and break easily so it is important to choose wisely, selecting from a reputable store with high quality products.

Battery Tip-
Vibrators that use batteries often suggest taking the batteries out in between use… this is a good tip as it helps prolong the life of the vibrator and prevents the batteries from leaking causing damage to your vibrator.


What Pleasures You?
There is nothing quite like the humming of a vibrator between your legs… but there are some questions you may want to ask yourself before choosing one. Do you want one that allows you to be hands free, vary the speed and intensity, with or without a remote control, small or large, and/or have one attach to a partner to pleasure you? Below you will find a review of some of the basic features of vibrators that will help you better answer these questions and get you on your way to experiencing erotic vibrations!

G-Spot Vibrators
G-spot vibrators are not only great for g-spot stimulation but for prostate stimulation as well. They are usually long and slim with a curved tip and make access to the g-spot and prostate easy. Many know that finger play can get tiring and these vibrating stimulators are pleasureful for a partner or solo experience. This is a basic sex toy that everyone should have!

Clitoral Vibrators
Any woman who has tried a vibrator on her clit will tell you that it is heaven. Some women favor stimulation to one side, while others like direct contact. Nonetheless, it is a sure winner in the pleasure department. Also, as previously mentioned, it brings a women to climax much more quickly and allows her g-spot and vaginal walls to become more sensitive when used prior to penetration from her lover or a toy. Of course you can always combine your pleasure by getting vibrators that multitask… like the dildo/clit stimulator vibrator for more intensity.

One of the more popular clitoral vibrators is the bullet, which is usually 2-4 inches in length. These egg-shaped wonders can ignite the clitoris, labia, anus, nipples and head of a penis like a charm. Other lucky body parts can also benefit from these little hummers. Most often these pleasure eggs are attached to a multiple speed battery pack connected by a long cord. One of my first vibrators, I can attest that these will bring hours of fun. Other types are the strap-on vibrators that come with elastic straps to hold it over the clitoris for a hands-free, more mobile stimulation or come attached to a vibrating and/or rotating dildo.

Cock Vibrators
These can take the form of a ring that encircles the base of a male’s penis allowing him to experience vibrating ecstasy. Others like this have an additional attachment that allows a male to stimulate his female partner’s clit with a vibrator as well. There are also vibrating pussy sleeves, ball holders and for the adventurous male who knows how good prostate stimulation feels there are the vibrating dildos and slim models. All in all a lot to choose from for the man who wants it all. You can find out more about these types of sex toys at


Anal Vibrators
A lot more people enjoy anal play than you may think. While anal play is still something that some people may be wary about, many are enjoying this pleasure zone and loving every minute of it. If you are one already enjoying it, than you will agree when I say that the stimulation of a vibrator on your anus is fabulous. If you haven't yet tried anal play, but are curious about what it feels like, you might consider trying an anal toy vibrator. It's a good way to find out if you like anal stimulation, without having to worry about being embarrassed. For simple "rim" stimulation a bullet or slim vibrator is simply heaven. For penetration, a Cyberskin, or g-spot vibrator is a great way to go.


Nipple Vibrators
These are vibrating clamps that squeeze and stimulate the nipples. Some have adjustable settings so the pressure can be customized or varied as well as the speed of the vibrations. Nipple clamps can also be used on other areas of the body, such as the labia lips, ball sack, ear lobes... well you get the idea. It's a good idea to test the clamps on the skin of the inner wrist or the webbing between the thumb and forefinger, to get an accurate "reading" of the level of intensity. If it's bearable and tolerable within that threshold of pain/pleasure, they should be fine for the nipples or labia or balls!



Basic "On-Off" Controller
This is one of the most basic of controls on a vibrator and is simply an "on-off" control found on the base or hand control of a vibrator. While this simplicity allows a user to not have to think about anything more than turning their vibrator on, it may not be the ideal choice for someone who wants to adjust the speed to find just the right stimulation for them or to vary the intensity during use.

Multiple Speed Controller
This type of vibrator (such as the
Mega Clit Blaster) allows you to adjust the level of speed to adjust the intensity. Some people prefer the more subtle vibrations while others want pure power to get them going, thus having the ability to customize the level of intensity is a nice feature. Another advantage is being able to start out slow and advance into more intense stimulation as you or your partner become more aroused.

Multiple Function Controller
There are many types of vibrators and some have multiple features. For example you might find something like the
Jack Rabbit or Eager Beaver that acts as a rotating dildo with a jelly lined vibrator curved to stimulate the clitoris. Most people multi-task in their work all day… why not do it when you are ready to have some fun too!

Hand Controller
The hand-held control connects to the vibrator by a wire which allows one to adjust the speed without moving the vibrator away from the sweet spot that is being happily stimulated. These are very common on "
bullet" vibrators and many people like them because they are small and discreet and do not require an outlet to play! The one main drawback to the handheld is that it is not recommended for water use and the cord can sometimes get in the way when a partner is involved.

Remote Controller
The remote control vibrator is great for partner play as well as solo. Imagine you have your sweetie on a wireless remote totally at your command to experience pleasure and increase it at the right moment while you move around the room. Whether you are stimulating the
clitoris, anus or other lucky body part… this is a wild ride in the technologically advanced world of vibrators.

Electric Plug-In Fun
This is a personal favorite because like many women, I love a deep wet orgasm brought on by the more intense vibrations that these plug-in versions give. Batteries can not make up for the power that an electrical outlet can bring you. You can find a few varieties… some require being plugged in at all times, while other’s just need to charge. The larger versions also double as a whole body massager and are especially nice on the back and shoulders.


The Buzzzzz On Noise-

A drawback to using a vibrator discreetly is that they hum and sometimes loudly! Usually this is not a dilemma, bit if you have a roommate or kids you may feel a bit self conscious about using it. There are vibrators that are quieter than others, and doing things like having music on or using them under the sheets does help drown out the noise. Bottom line, all vibrators make a certain amount of noise but a good rule of thumb is that a plastic vibrator will tend to be noticeably louder noise than a  latex or Cyberskin covered vibrator.  


Examples Of Vibrator Types-

Balls -
Based on a 2,000 year old Asian sex toy (
Ben Wa Balls), are usually a pair of hollow balls and have something inside that rolls around inside them, creating vibration and stimulation to the g-spot or prostate. However, they are now available with vibrating motors in them for an even more intense stimulation.

Women have also used them to strengthen their vaginal muscles (primarily the Kegel muscle, which enhances a woman’s pleasure for stronger contractions during an orgasm and man’s pleasure when his penis is gripped harder during sex.

Bullets -
Usually 2-4 inches these egg-shaped wonders can ignite the clitoris, labia, anus, nipples and head of a penis like a charm. Other lucky body parts can also benefit from these little hummers. Most often these charmers are attached to a multiple speed battery pack connected by a long cord. One of my first vibrators; I can attest that these will bring hours of fun.  


CyberSkIn –
If you have not felt CyberSkin you are in for a real treat. When you combine this amazingly life like material with a vibrator… baby, you’ve got to make sure to schedule some recovery time from the pleasure it will bring you! The first time I felt CyberSkin it was in the form of a sleeve over a slim vibrator. I could not believe it… I literally had goose bumps. I almost felt naughty touching what felt like a real erect penis. I also took the time to feel a CyberSkin pussy and it too gave me shivers of sexual delight! CyberSkin comes in all kinds of forms… various body parts (breasts, vagina, penis, and anus) to accessories on vibrators, dildos and more. If you are looking for something that will feel like the real thing with an added bonus of it vibrating look no further you have found the toy of your dreams!  

Erection Enhancers –
Vibrating cock rings are unique sex toys in the sense that they essentially act as blood flow "restrictors". They are worn at the base of the penis and are designed to heighten and prolong an erection, as well as intensify orgasms. Great for partners as it engorges the cock making it harder and bigger.  

Finger Vibes –
These are newer to the vibrator family. They usually come in the form of a glove and fit on two to three fingers allowing the vibration to come through the padding on your fingers as you manually stimulate. Those that have tired it for all over body stimulation including the traditional sweet spots of the clitoris, anus, nipples, etc. have given it rave reviews.

Slims –
Straight or curved, these can act as a g-spot and prostate stimulator as well as a dildo when a sleeve is added. These usually have a twist control at the base and offer a vibrating shaft for a variety of pleasure points on the body.  

Strap – Ons –
Strap-on vibrators vary. Some come in the form of a clitoral vibrator with elastic straps to hold it over the clitoris for a hands-free, more mobile stimulation, while others are vibrating dildos, or cock rings. Strap-ons are great for allowing one to be spontaneous in their movement while getting and/or giving pleasure to their lover.  

Waterproof –
These waterproof vibrators are not only portable and versatile they can be used in the bath, hot tub, pool, ocean… well you get the picture, they can get wet! Covered with waterproof material these vibrators make ripples of fun. Tips- Always make sure you have secured the batteries tightly inside to reduce the risk of water leaking in from a loose cover. For a lubricant, use a silicone based one as water based lubricants will just dissolve in water.

Must Have Accessories-

After you have selected one or more vibrators that are ideal for your needs, you will want to make sure you have the right accessories-

There is nothing quite as disappointing as getting all worked up only to discover you don’t have batteries for your sex toy. Make sure to have not only what you need to operate your toy but a stock supply to keep you happy and carefree.

Lubricant -
Even if you are already lubricated from your body’s own juices a vibrator will actually feel more intense when it is lubricated with a water or silicone based lube. 

Sex Toy Cleaner -
Buying a cleaner just for your sex toys is a good idea because these specially designed disinfectants will clean your toys while preventing damage to the type of plastic, gel, or other sensitive materials of which your toys are made. Also killing bacteria and viruses can prevent infection and the spread of STDs while keeping your toys fresh and smelling good

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